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The Cowherds of the Maremma

A Buttero is by definition, the horse-riding shepherd or cowboy, typical of the Maremma.
In the past the Buttero, saddled to his horse - obviously a Maremmana breed – confronted a hostile and wild nature. His day began at dawn, when, arriving to the herd, would choose his horse. He carried out his work in the large, fenced fields, immersed in the nature of the Maremma, where there were herds of animals to watch over, count and - in the case of a run-away – recover. For them, the Maremma was a land with no secrets, they knew every single inch. Their days were long and particularly difficult, but the times of the births, of the mothers feeding the foals, and then of the breaking were certainly the hardest.
There are still Butteri around today, in much smaller numbers, and their work has been greatly enhanced by technology, but it is still up to them to keep our traditions alive. Actually, every year there are events open to the public to celebrate and commemorate this figure that is so dear to us.
These Butteri shows occur a few times through the summer season. They last around 2 hours, require a reservation.

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