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The Coves of Argentario

La Marinella

Small beach at the other end of the harbour located near Garibaldi pier.

Il Moletto

Free beach and beach resort.
How to get here: direct access from via del Molo (Port authority office).
Parking: Lungomare dei Navigatori, Porto Santo Stefano.
Winds: exposure to North Wind, Northwest Wind and Northeast Wind.

La Caletta

Beach with beach resort underneath the hotel "La Caletta".
How to get here: direct access from via Civinini (via del Molo), at the far end of Porto Santo Stefano.
Parking: Lungomare dei Navigatori, Porto Santo Stefano.
Winds: exposure to northern and eastern winds (North Wind, Northwest Wind, Northeast Wind and East Wind)

Il Siluripedio

The Siluripedio is a small inlet risen from the demolition of military establishments for torpedo testing, located at the far west of Porto Santo Stefano.
How to get there: access from Via Civinini.
Parking: Lungomare dei Navigatori or small parking at the end of Via Civinini.
Winds: exposure to Northern winds (Mistral and Tramontane),
Note: in the same bay, after a few hundred meters you can reach the rocks of Acqua Purgativa, a small salted and iodic spring.

La Cacciarella

The Cacciarella is a small sandy beach, nestled in two cliffs. Get yourself a mask, because the sea beds are very beautiful. In the east cliffs you will find the Grotta del Turco (Turk's cave) whose access is barely visible but inside the cave is large; according to legend, a fishermen boat was be able to hide here and flee from Turkish Corsairs, which in the 18th century raged on these shores.
The path from the street is 500 meters long and it is laborious.

Cala Grande

Cala Grande, formed by many small creeks, is predominantly a rocky beach with crystal clear and transparent water.
The seabed is enchanting and of rare beauty, rich in flora and fauna.
How to get there: you can arrive by pedestrian access at Km 3 + 950 of the Via Panoramica (County Road 65) of Porto Santo Stefano via a private road. Beyond the bridge over fosso Caùto, a small path created by the bed of the ditch gives access to the Caùto beach, between holm oaks. From here, along the cliff on the right, you can reach the other beaches of Cala Grande. Walking time from the Via Panoramica to Caùto: 20 minutes.
Winds: exposure to Northern and Western winds (Mistral and Ponente).
Parking: on the Via Panoramica.

Cala Moresca

Cala Moresca is so called because from the top of the hill behind there is the ancient Moorish Tower dominating the whole valley. It is a small cove reachable by sea or by land via the main road. In front of Cala Moresca there is the Argentarola islet, a favourite destination for lovers of diving excursions because of the abundant presence of rare examples of flora and fauna.

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